"Expert of anything was once a beginner." -Flayes


Our Infant Program

Our Infant class is tailored for children ranging from 6 weeks to approximately 12 months of age. The I School is more than just a daycare!Our top priority is to create a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment by personalizing your child’s day based on their individual schedule, nutritional needs, and developmental path. Teachers in our Infant class utilize Creative Curriculum and Innovations to create age-appropriate lesson plans, that include  music and movement, story time, and hands on sensory activities. Tummy time, floor time, and a climbing area encourage physical and cognitive development. Each child has his or her own crib and a special area labeled with your child's name to store bottles, pacifiers, diapers, etc. All equipment and toys are sanitized on a daily basis to avoid the spread of germs. 

We believe communication is key! Our infant teachers utilize a online system that allows each parent immediate notification anytime their child eats, sleeps,  or receives hygienic care. Parents are able to input imperative information using this online system, creating a cutting-edge communication platform between parents and teachers. Additionally, you will receive daily e-mails highlighting your child's activities and photo's of their experiences.