"Education is not the filling of a vessel but the lighting of a flame." -Socrates

The I School was born out of a desire to transform child care and to do what is best for our children. The I School is a unique preschool, as it is operated and taught by early childhood professionals who have decided to make this dream a reality and to create an environment where the primary goal is to nurture and educate the leaders of tomorrow. We are so much more than a daycare! 

Every child in our program is an individual with different interests, skills, strengths, and needs. Our goal is to get to know as much as possible about each child in our care, this guides us in creating a fun-learning atmosphere where they feel comfortable, safe, secure, and confident. A portfolio documenting growth and development is maintained for each child here at The I School. Portfolios include individual goals and objectives, individual assessments, documentation such as photos, anecdotal notes, examples of work, screening tools, and journal entries. Parent teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring to review assessments. We also encourage parents to visit the classroom or meet with the teachers at anytime, we believe communication is key. Parents have access to weekly lesson plans and receive emails highlighting their child’s activities each day along with photos of their child’s experiences.